The Steps to Perfect Party Planning

Hosting a party is not just about renting out a great marquee, chairs and catering – it’s also about making sure that the right people are invited – the correct way – and everything goes off without a hinch.

Keep in mind there is no point in having a party if no one comes – or if less than optimal people come. The art of party planning is really more of a science. For example – how early should you start planning the party – and how many times should people be informed and asked to come out in advance? All these things are dependent on the type of guests you want and the market on which you are aiming.

Some parties are run on anymous guests that are found through promoting on various events – other parties are run for only a select group of people (such as weddings etc.)

Here are 5 tips to hosting a perfect party

Tip #1: Make sure to have plenty of alcohol (and food)

Nothing throws a party off more than there not being enough food – you need to budget in most cases to have 50% more food than you would plan on having – just in case there is variance in crowd size. Depending on budget you should look into a backup food source if the crowd gets larger than expected.

Tip #2: Send out invites way in advance and follow up

Typically you will want to get as much of a head start on your party as possible – the ideal is 6 months in advance – and you want to follow everyone up and find out if they will be comign or not.

Tip #3: Check the weather

Make sure you are hosting your party on a day where the weather will be clear – you cannot always guarantee this and weather forecasts are not always 100% accurate – however do check the weather forecasts – and be on the lookout for worst case scenarios. Ideally you should have a covered space in your party should things turn sour – so that rain will not mean that everything is ruined.

Tip #4: Schedule for time over runs

When you book an event – at times you will find that the event may run overtime. If this happens make sure that you have booked your event space for longer than necessary.

Tip #5: Have good legal protection

A company like – a Sydney based company that sponsors this website is useful to ensure that should there be any accidents at your party that you are fully covered.

That is all for the tips – happy partying and we look forward to serving your next party needs!