Do I need a Reservation?
Reservations are not required but are highly recommended. This ensures availability of the equipment that you desire and allows us to have it ready for delivery or will call. It is never too early to reserve your equipment. Even if you don’t know your complete order, we can start a reservation at any time and add more as your planning progresses.

Can you help me determine the size of tent or layout of my event?
In many instances we can come to your site and help you determine the appropriate size of tent, or help you with the layout of your event. With PartyCAD, our event design software, we can show you a layout of everything you’ve chosen to insure it will fit in the space you have available.

What if I don’t see the items I want on the web site or in the price list?
We are constantly adding to our inventory of rental equipment. Often times we have bought new items that have not been added to our web site or price list. If this is not the case, we will always try to bring in special order equipment for your event, or maybe we have thought about purchasing it in the past and your request will be the one that encourages us to carry that item!

When do I pay for my order?
We require non-refundable reservation fees at the time the order is placed and items are reserved in your name for your event. These reservation fees are 25% of the item rate for all items except tents, stages, and dance floors which are 50%. The balance of your reservation is due before you pickup your order or before we deliver it for you.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
Any cancellations or reductions are subject to the loss of your reservation fees. Any cancellations or reductions within seven (7) days of your reservation date or delivery date, whichever comes sooner, are subject to being charged at the full contract rate. Please see our Rental Policies form for more details on this.

Can I change my order?
We are always open to changes to your order. Reductions and cancellations are subject to the loss of reservation fees. We will make every effort to add items to your order, however we can not guarantee the availability of any inventory until it is reserved.

What condition does my equipment need to be in for return / pickup?
All of our items come clean and ready for your use. We ask that you return the equipment clean and free of debris. For tables and chairs we ask that there is no food or decorations on them, BBQ’s and Tableware need to be food particle free, linens need to be shaken out and returned dry in their linen bag.

What happens if I lose or break equipment?
In the event that you lose or break a piece of equipment, you will be charged replacement cost for that piece of equipment. We will give it our best to repair any equipment before having to charge out at full replacement cost. We also offer an Equipment Protection Plan to help avoid these costs after the event.

What is the Equipment Protection Program?
Equipment Protection Program (EPP) is meant to eliminate any unforeseen charges that may be incurred after your event. It is a percentage charge on your items. This percent varies depending on the item, that will cover most damages to the equipment that could occur during normal usage during your event. Please see our Equipment Protection Program form for more information.

Do you Deliver and Pickup?
We do offer a delivery and pickup service. The charge for this service varies depending upon the size of the load, the distance to the job and the amount of labor required. Our standard delivery and pickup hours are between 9 am and 5 pm. Deliveries outside of these hours can be accommodated but will be subject to additional charges.

Can I pick up the items myself?
Most items can be picked up by our customers at our location on 9th Street in Corvallis. Please bring the appropriate equipment to secure and protect your rental items. We have staff on hand to help you load your vehicles and we welcome you to ask us in advance to help you determine the appropriate size of vehicle for your order.

Do you setup and take down the equipment?
We do offer a setup and take down service for your event. We can provide you with a quote for this service once we have a reservation and see a diagram of how you would like the equipment to be setup. Please arrange for this service in advance so that we send the appropriate staff to accommodate your needs.