About Us

Since 1986, Special Occasions has been an integral part of many events in Oregon. Located in Corvallis, we serve not only the Mid-Willamette Valley, but all of the Oregon Coast, over the Cascades, and many points North & South.

A Third Generation Business
With the third generation now involved in the rental industry, Special Occasions has taken the time to build and grow relationships with many trusted vendors and venues in the event industry. These relationships, along with the experience and information that they have given us, allow us to provide you with the superior service that our clients have come to expect.

While we are not event coordinators, our familiarity with all of the different facets of an event prove us to be an irreplaceable asset in your planning process. Your caterer will serve food on our china, your florist will rely on our vases to showcase their flowers, your venue will rely on us to size the tent, dance floor and tables to accommodate your needs.

We pride ourselves on not only having the tents, tables, chairs, linens, china and everything else that you need for the perfect event, but in having the professional staff that can bring it all together for you. We can visit your site in advance, create a PartyCAD drawing of a proposed layout, and get you a quote to help you start the process.

Consistent Quality
Our customers have come to rely on us for top notch rental equipment, that is why we continue to invest in and refine all of our internal processes to maintain and improve the appearance of our equipment. Whether it is hand washing every tent top & side wall in our dedicated tent room, using our in house commercial laundry facility to wash and iron our linens to ensure your linen is pressed and table ready, or our dishwashing area where every piece of table ware is professionally cleaned, inspected and packaged. We take care of all the small details so that you don’t have to.

Rental is Green
Rental is by nature a green initiative. By “reusing” or renting items for your event, you are taking a step to reduce the impact your event will have on the environment. Special Occasions is continually taking steps to improve our operational efficiencies to further reduce our impact on the environment. Whether it is using efficient Natural Gas for our laundry facility that powers a 98% efficient water heater or just ensuring that we are washing full loads of laundry to minimize the number of cycles that we run, we are always taking steps to lower our impact on the environment.

A few steps we take:

• Use high efficiency machines for all repetitive cleaning and maintenance to reduce the water, chemicals and energy used for each cycle.

• Recycle all of our cardboard, plastics, bottles & cans, paper and all other byproducts from our processes.

• Maintain and store our equipment in a manner that will prolong the usable life.

• Maintain our vehicles and map well-organized delivery and pickup routes using our specialized routing software to drive the shortest route with the most efficient vehicle available

• Only use lights in areas of our warehouse when that area is in use, and use low watt light fixtures where possible

• Load deliveries and will call orders accurately and correctly to minimize the number of trucks and trips necessary to complete an order

A few steps you could take:

• Ensure your order is accurate in advance to reduce extra trips to fulfill your needs

• Scrape and rinse your dishware to avoid extra wash cycles to remove dried on food

• Put linens in linen bags to protect the linen for future use. Do not put linens in plastic bags unless they are completely dry to avoid mildew.

• Treat our equipment with care to avoid damaging, breaking or losing equipment during transportation or the event

• Provide accurate delivery locations and directions with flexible time tables to ensure that we can reduce drive time, map efficient routes, and minimize time looking for event sites